MEET The  C19 Immunity Study Team

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Amy Hsu

uOttawa Brain and Mind-Bruyère Research Institute Chair in Primary Health Care in Dementia

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Marc-Andre Langlois

Canada Research Chair in Molecular Virology and Intrinsic Immunity, University of Ottawa

Principal Investigators

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Kimberlyn McGrail

Professor, UBC School of Population and Public Health

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Erin Strumpf

Associate Professor, McGill University


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Julian Little

Professor, University of Ottawa

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Kumanan Wilson

Professor, University of Ottawa | CEO CANImmunize

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Doug Manuel

Distinguished Professor, University of Ottawa | Principal Investigator of Project Big Life

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Peter Tanuseputro

Chair Palliative Care and Predictive Analytics, University of Ottawa

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Kednapa Thavorn

Senior Health Economist, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

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Chantal Trudel

Associate Professor, Carleton University School of Industrial Design

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Daniel El Kodsi

Project Manager, Bruyère Research Institute


Kerry Moloney

Research Operations Manager, Bruyère Research Institute

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Zaina Kahiel

Research Coordinator, Bruyère Research Institute

Core Staff

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Leora Simon

Research Coordinator, McGill University

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Seles Yung

Research Coordinator, UBC

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Anna Cooper Reed

Research Associate, Bruyère Research Institute

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Maya Murmann

Research Assistant, Bruyère Research Institute

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Alixe Ménard

Research Assistant, Bruyère Research Institute

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Shane Kirkham

Design Lead and UX Researcher, Bruyère Research Institute

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Samantha Astles

Product Designer, Bruyère Research Institute

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Cameron Bell

Chief Technology Officer, CANImmunize

Design and Tech

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Kat Denize

Research Lead, CANImmunize Labs

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Scott Donald

Science Communicator

Clinical Research and Education

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Kathryn May

Nurse Practitioner

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Carrie Heer

Nurse Practitioner

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Helen Niezgoda

Research Operations Manager, Bruyère Research Institute

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Shelley Dowling

Research Nurse, Bruyère Research Institute

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Corey Arnold

Research Coordinator, Langlois Lab, University of Ottawa